SharePoint Discovery Workshops

ICT Solutions is organising a series of interactive discovery workshops focusing on SharePoint 2013, and how this can help make organisations more efficient. ICT Solutions is a Microsoft Gold SharePoint partner, and has deployed SharePoint solutions in a number of businesses in various sectors.

The workshop will focus on how SharePoint can help companies tackle common business process issues including:

  • The secure central management of documents and e-mail on a companywide, as well as at a team level.
  • The internal sharing of information and content.
  • The automation of business processes ranging from simple leave forms, to complex procurement flows.
  • The access to reports and data in a formal, secure and automated manner, to replace a lot of manually maintained Excel spread sheets.

In the past to achieve this meant investing in different systems, which hardly ever integrated with each other, and entailing considerable financial and resource commitments. Today all this can be achieved through SharePoint. SharePoint allows for affordable implementation of the above, in a short deployment timeframe and at affordable costs. SharePoint integrates seamlessly with Office and Exchange, so that the user experience is one that most users are already experiencing.

The SharePoint Discovery session is a starting point for those companies who realise that business automation and document management can bring them that edge over the competition, but don't know exactly what to expect and how to begin. ICT Solutions will lead the group through the following broad topics, in order to facilitate the SharePoint roadmap.

Topics will include:

  • The Future of Productivity
  • What can SharePoint do for me?
  • SharePoint Applications

Who is invited?

This workshop should be attended by top executives of any size of business and usually includes the Financial Controller / Accountant, the CEO / MD as well as the IT people.

When are the workshops held?

There will be a number of these workshops organised, so if you and any of your colleagues are interested in participating, please let us know by filling in this form. We will contact you later to agree the best date for the workshop.

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