Sage Evolution - Smart Apps Presentation

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ICT Solutions is organising a series of presentations focusing on the Smart Apps concept developed by ICT Solutions and aimed at providing a variety of applications that can be integrated with Sage Evolution which drastically improve the customer’s overall experience. ICT Solutions is a Sage Platinum Business Partner, and has over 20 years of experience on Sage accounting solutions during which we have implemented Sage Evolution in a number of businesses in various sectors.

ICT Solutions Smart Apps

The presentation will focus on how the Smart App modules can help companies tackle common accounting processes in a more efficient and effective way. The modules covered include:

Smart Sales Tax Return facilitates the submission of your VAT Return by generating the VAT ‘Box’ report. more »
Smart Correct helps users fix mistakes on specific transactions efficiently and securely, eliminating the need to reverse these transactions. more »
Smart SEPA Payments integrates your supplier payments through Sage Evolution to your bank account. more »
Smart Time takes your timesheet capturing and management process to the next level by offering a web-based timesheet management tool. more »

In the past the functionality achieved by these modules had to be completed manually by the users. This meant that such processes were time consuming and chances for user errors were high. Today, all this can be achieved through a number of modules which integrate seamlessly with your accounting package, providing a faster and more accurate way to complete your accounting processes. These Smart modules allow for a very affordable implementation and in a short implementation timeframe.

Who is invited?

This workshop should be attended by Sage Evolution accounts administrators of any size of business and usually includes the Financial Controller / Accountant and Managing Director.

When are the workshops held?

There are various dates on which these presentations will be organised. This gives you flexibility to select your most suitable date. Presentation dates will be set on the below dates:

  • Wednesday, 18th March
  • Wednesday, 25th March
  • Wednesday, 1st April

The duration for the presentation session would be approximately 1.5 hours.

Smart Correct

Maintaining a healthy accounting system is crucial, and since everyone is human, mistakes do happen! Fixing specific mistakes can be a tedious task, and can also be time consuming. In accounting terms, correcting an invoice, would involve reversing the invoice and re-processing it correctly.

Not Any More! Smart Correct is a module developed by ICT Solutions to help users correct various mistakes on the accounting data, without having to reverse each transaction. Smart Correct, integrates fully with Sage Evolution and can be used to correct various transactions posted through the accounting system, specifically those posted through these modules:

  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Inventory
  • General Ledger

Download the Smart Correct Brochure for more details.

Smart Tax Return

Tax Reporting is one of the main reporting needs in an accounting package. The Maltese Vat Return is quite elaborate, specific and time consuming for our clients.

On demand, ICT Solutions has launched a module specifically designed to simplify the generation of the Vat Return Form. This module integrates seamlessly with Sage Evolution and issues the Tax Box Vat Report in the format required by the CIR Department in Malta, providing a detailed report for the figures generated. The module provides the facility to users to reprint Vat Return Reports for any past period at any point in time, while also allowing different box configurations, depending on the client’s requirements.

Download the Smart Tax Brochure for more details.

Smart SEPA Payments

What is SEPA?

Single Euro Payments Area is where individuals and businesses can make electronic payments in euro across SEPA member countries under the same basic conditions, rights and obligations, regardless of their location. SEPA provides a better banking service for the stakeholders involved by harmonising the integration of diverse existing national and cross-border euro payment systems.

Smart SEPA Payments

Smart SEPA Payment for Sage Evolution integrates with the Cashbook batches feature and allows you to manage SEPA payments by exporting a SEPA file which can be uploaded to your bank’s internet banking portal. The module supports the main local banks. The benefits that this module provides to your business are:

  • Save time issuing and signing cheques.
  • Easier processing of Euro payment.
  • Submit payments securely.
  • Faster and accurate payment processing.

Smart Time

Smart Time is a web-based timesheet entry module for Sage Evolution ideal for billing customers periodically on a time basis. This module integrates seamlessly with the core accounting modules in Sage Evolution and the Job Costing module to monitor the progress of jobs and allows for periodic billing. Timesheet entries can trigger either a chargeable entry, or a non-chargeable entry and can be mapped against clients and jobs.

With Smart Time, users can quickly and easily capture detailed timesheets, whether in the office or on the road. Timesheet approval can be setup over a number of levels allowing managers to authorise or reject a timesheet, depending on the business requirements.

Main Features

  • Web-based timesheet entry.
  • Secure user access.
  • Unlimited timesheet entries per week.
  • Allows for narratives and extra description per timesheet entry.
  • Validation of maximum working hours on a weekly basis.
  • Annual setup of public holidays.
  • Captures employee overtime.
  • Offers a timesheet printout (or export to file).
  • Different pre-defined charge-out rates per job and timesheet entry.
  • Multi-level workflow for approvals.
  • End of month posting process to Sage Evolution with approval validation.
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