Business Intelligence Discovery Workshops

Building a Business Intelligence strategy can seem a bit daunting. Where does one start? How will it develop? How much will it cost? ICT Solutions is organising workshops to help companies move from an idea to a clear understanding of what BI involves and what they can get out of it.

The goal of these half day workshops, which will be held periodically, is to rapidly review the current state and consider the future vision for a Business Intelligence solution by involving the key business stakeholders in your the organization.

The BI Discovery session is a starting point for those companies who realise that BI can bring them that edge over competition, but don't know exactly what to expect and how to begin. ICT Solutions will lead the group through the following broad topics, in order to facilitate the BI roadmap.

Topics will include:

  • Definitions and objectives of Business Intelligence
  • BI 10 years ago, now, and in the future
  • Aligning BI with your business
  • Dashboards, Analysis and Reports
  • Establishing Key Performance Indicators
  • Technical Architecture Review

Who is invited?

This workshop should be attended by top executives of any size of business and usually includes the Financial Controller / Accountant, the CEO / MD as well as the IT people.

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