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HP and ICT Solutions:
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Learn how to break down IT silos and benefit from virtualization best practices with expert advice from the Enterprise Strategy Group. HP and Intel virtualization solutions across all domain areas will boost efficiency and improve agility with immediate return on your investment.

Accelerate the value of virtualisation with the power of convergence

Download the ESG white paper "How to Expand and Accelerate Virtualisation Value" and discover which infrastructure decisions will yield the biggest dividends as you prepare for what's next.

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360-Degree Virtualisation

Whether you’re just beginning to virtualize your IT infrastructure or are well underway, there are critical decisions to be made that can make or break your ROI. For example, a narrow focus on servers without also rethinking storage and networking can have a negative impact on ROI. ESG has worked with IT organizations all over the world and has captured the key success factors that will help you accelerate the time to full virtualization ROI.

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